“Liebe zu Dritt/Amour à Trois”

2007, 52’, Hdv

Produced by arte/ZDF, ma.ja.de

Buch und Regie: Caterina Klusemann

Kamera: Paolo Rapalino

Schnitt: Christian Fibikar

Animation: Suyen Tommasi

Musik: Kai Brückner


Clips from old and new films

Die alte Frau und das Meer

2007, 52’, DigiBeta

Buch und Regie: Caterina Klusemann

Kamera: Axel Schneppat

Schnitt: Ingo Röske

Paul und Baatar

2006, 70’, DV

H&G.m4v, 1999, 20’, 16mm

call waiting,

mit marie losier

1998, 1 min

1995, 5’, DigiBeta

1994, Beta

Coming soon clips from: Brecht’s “ThePhysicists.m4v”, Checov’s “thebear.m4v”, “Playground run”,  John Patrick Shanley’s “Little Red Coat”, “The Mennonites”, and other really old little things, as well as the new “babyfilms” and more experiments...

3 clips with/for kids: excerpt from the tolit school 4th grade film “magic juice” (camera CK and Purevdorj, written with Khulan Amarbayar, actors from the 4th grade, with teachers), “mach zirkus” with/for Ann-Kristin (with Jens and Ann-Kristin, camera etc. CK), and excerpt from tolit school 6th grade horror flick (actors and story 6th grade, camera etc. CK).