Als Hänsel und Gretel von ihren feriengeilen Eltern im größten Spielzeugladen New yorks verlassen werden, sind ihre amerikanischen Abenteuer erst am erschreckenden Anfang...

What if Hansel and Gretel were abandoned in a mega-toy store instead? The witch is a gorgeous technology fan; Hansel loves watching TV and Gretel has to figure out how to push the child-eater into a garbage compactor. There still is a happy ending... It's a film about the America of one thousand and one too many possibilities. We wanted to show the other side of temptation, when too much of what is good becomes bad, excess of choice stifles, the things most longed for hide a danger covered with frosting and maraschino cherries. Welcome to the little house of unchecked consumerism.


H&G (2000, 21 min, 16mm)

Gretel: MiryamCoppersmith

Hansel: Ethan Meyer

Witch: Patty Goodwin

Narrator: Arthur French

Father: John Knox

Mother: Sianna Lyons

Adult Gretel: Marie Regan

Adult Hansel: Michael Walker

Cooking Show:Ted Arcidi, Roberta Orlandi                                         


Writer/Director:Esther Duran and Caterina Klusemann

Producers:Gustavo Moraes, Belen Orsini, Amalia Zarranz

Director of Photography: Steve Gladstone

Music: Kazuo Ohno

Editing: E. Duran, C. Klusemann and Sergio Curiel

Production Designing: Anita Maguire

Art Direction: Regan Oakley


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